About Law Enforcement Chaplains

Serving Those Who Serve

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Assisting Law Enforcement

Our Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Team is comprised of dedicated ordained and licensed ministers. They have undergone all the training of our Community Chaplains, plus an additional 50-hour academy specializing in topics specific to those who work within law enforcement. In addition to serving the public in the same capacity as Community Chaplains, they also spend significant time in cars with officers and deputies offering support and counsel. 

(The chaplains) are a necessary part of what enables my staff to do their jobs with greater skill and compassion. . . . (What they do) makes a difference, not only in our community, but also in the lives of my personnel. Often our chaplains can be found riding with deputies or police men and women, sitting in briefings, and walking through our offices—always with a listening ear, and a deep concern for our welfare.
— Ed Bonner - Placer county Sheriff