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Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Inc.
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Community Chaplains serving the residents of Placer County, California

The Community Chaplains of PCLEC have become a vital tool to law enforcement officers, freeing them to do their jobs by caring for the needs of victims at the scene. Our chaplains are trained in crime scene integrity and how to work effectively with traumatized individuals. Each chaplain applicant undergoes a comprehensive background investigation with the Sheriff’s Office and must fulfill a rigorous training program. Qualified Chaplains then continue to receive regular monthly training in a broad range of subjects related to Law Enforcement and crisis response issues.
Below are some of the areas that our Community Chaplains have received specialized instruction in:
  • Suicide Bereavement
  • Child Death/SIDS
  • Coroner and Funeral Home Policies/Procedures
  • Blood Borne and Airborne Pathogens
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Crisis and Grief Counseling
  • Death Notifications
  • Officer Involved Shootings/Post-Shootings
  • Trauma Effects/Post Traumatic Stress
  • Line of Duty Deaths
Community Service — Community Chaplaincy in Newcastle, CA
What the Community Chaplaincy Provides
Our Community Chaplains respond daily to emergency calls from law enforcement agencies throughout Placer County, providing essential crisis counseling, trauma and crisis intervention, while coming alongside officers to assist victims of crime, accidental deaths, and natural disasters.

Community Chaplains are trained to lend a helping hand to every person, without regard to religious preference (including no preference), and are frequently requested to contact pastors, priests, rabbis and other religious leaders to assist families.

The Community Chaplain is well equipped with numerous referrals for services available to those in need, including various community assistance programs and organizations, care groups and long term professional counselors.